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18 September 2018

Composition vs Inheritance

by Martyn Butterworth

Composition and inheritance class diagram

So how exactly do composition and inheritance compare? Here are several points of comparison:

Choosing between composition and inheritance

So how do all these comparisons between composition and inheritance help you in your designs? Here are a few guidelines that reflect how I tend to select between composition and inheritance.

Make sure inheritance models the is-a relationship. The main guiding philosophy is that inheritance should be used only when a subclass is-a superclass. For example, an Apple likely is-a _Fruit, so I would be inclined to use inheritance. An important question to ask yourself when you think you have an _is-a relationship is whether that is-a relationship will be constant throughout the lifetime of the application and, with luck, the lifecycle of the code. For example, you might think that an Employee is-a Person, when really Employee represents a role that a Person plays part of the time. What if the person becomes unemployed? What if the person is both an Employee and a Supervisor? Such impermanent is-a relationships should usually be modeled with composition.

Don’t use inheritance just to get code reuse If all you really want is to reuse code and there is no is-a relationship in sight, use composition.

Don’t use inheritance just to get at polymorphism If all you really want is polymorphism, but there is no natural is-a relationship, use composition with abstract classes.